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How it works


Found something unusual

Have you recognised any legal or regulatory violations? We are reliant on your willingness to report possible irregularities and violations wherever reasonable suspicion exists.

Report It

It is your responsibility to report it as quickly as possible and ensuring that they are rectified or punished. Whistle-blowers can decide for themselves whether they wish to reveal their identity or not.

Track Submission

Begin checking after 72 hours of submission and then continue to check periodically to check for feedback, which could include a confirmation that we received your message or a request for additional information.


Once satisfied with the way your case has been handled, go ahead to resolve it.

Speak up!

Have the courage to speak up and share the details of any actions or behaviours you believe are inconsistent with our Code of Conduct. Regulatory violations damage the company, and individual misconduct comes at a price for the entire workforce.

Our priority is to provide a safe, secure, and anonymous way for employees to disclose sensitive information with maximum protection.

You can stay anonymous. You can track your submission. Help us get better.

We encourage whistleblowing!

  • Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at Africa Health Holdings Limited. We can only avoid damage to our company, our employees and business partners if rules and standards are respected. Consequently, misconduct must be recognized swiftly, processed, and immediately remedied. That calls for vigilance on the part of everyone along with a willingness to draw attention to possible Serious Regulatory Violations based on Reasonable Suspicion. Reports to the Whistle-blower System can be made at any time and by anyone.
  • The Whistle-blower System guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistle-blowers and persons implicated. An investigation is only initiated after very careful examination of the facts and reasonable suspicion of a regulatory violation. There will be strict confidentiality and secrecy throughout the investigative process. Information will be reviewed fairly, promptly and in a sensitive manner.