Africans are experiencing a time of unprecedented transformation in the healthcare system. With an increasing population who are able to pay for excellent health services, and as such are demanding better healthcare, improved technology and novel ideas, Rabito Clinic Limited is well positioned, and prepared, to deliver service required and demanded by its patients.

We create and provide essential services that make healthcare smarter, utilize our resources and new technology to deliver efficient support, and most importantly, our attention to detail and insistence on the highest standard in patient-care, ensures, unparalleled and effective treatment.

Finally, in addition to general health services, Rabito Clinic Limited is presently a leader in the practice of dermatology.

Creating Access To Quality Healthcare

Mission of Rabito Clinic Limited

To provide effective delivery of high-quality dermatology, cosmetic, and general health conditions across the African continent.

  • Excel as the leading dermatology healthcare provider, with impactful ties to international world-class dermatology centers of excellence.
  • Provide patient-centered care and high-quality services to patients and their families, using innovation focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses and diseases.
  • Produce branded topical creams, ointments, and other treatments that are effective for the treatment of skin diseases.
  • Establish a foundation to be used as a vehicle to channel external resources into the development and support of effective delivery of general and dermatological services.
  • Develop well-trained and dedicated professional health care staff with specialization in dermatology.