Our Press Releases

Our Press Releases

Health service provider, Africa Health Holdings Limited (AHH) has signed unto a standardized quality assessment and improvement programme dubbed SafeCare under the PharmAccess Group. The move is geared at improving the operations of the over 50 health facilities under AHH, spread across Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

This is coming at a time Ghana has signed unto two important global compacts. First is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with SDG 3 focusing on health with quality as a key component, as well as the global Universal Health Coverage (UHC) 2030 Agenda.

Already, SafeCare has conducted over 6,600 quality assessments carried out by internationally certified SafeCare Assessors in about 2,500 heath facilities. Every year, over 80 million patients are attended to in health facilities operating under the SafeCare brand.

Healthcare providers in AHH facilities would be inspired to improve patient safety, quality of care and empower data analytics and insights on the overall quality performance. It would also help in rating, monitoring, benchmarking and improving service quality using innovative solutions.

The Country Director of PhamAccess, Dr Maxwell Antwi speaking at a short signing ceremony in Accra said; “in Ghana, over 450 facilities have been assessed by SafeCare and over 350 are presently active on SafeCare quality improvement journey. About 80 percent of facilities enrolled on SafeCare show improvement in their subsequent assessments.”

He noted that SafeCare covers all areas of the healthcare service delivery ecosystem; Healthcare Governance and Management, Human Resource Management, Patient and Family Rights.

The other areas are Access to Care, Management of Information, Risk Management, Outpatient Services, Inpatient Services, Surgery and Anesthesia, Laboratory Services, Diagnostic Imaging Services, Facility Management and Support Services.

He added that: “The rich data analytics provides deep insights and key learnings on facility performance that empower healthcare investors, owners and managers to make informed decisions to minimize risks, re-engineer workflow processes, minimize wastage, drive efficiency and make the healthcare facility patient-centric.”

The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Africa Health Holdings, Sangu Delle expressed optimism that the partnership will help uplift the already high standards and make their facility world standard.

He noted that, AHH facilities would be going through a quality transformation journey.

“All our clients in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya can expect that as a result of the partnership there would be a clear and dramatic improvement in patient quality and safety in all our facilities.” Mr. Dele said.

In Ghana, AHH has 20 clinics all operating under the Rabito brand, in Nigeria there are two hospitals operating under the CarePoint brand and in Kenya, there are 38 facilities comprising of hospitals and clinics operating under the Meridian brand.

Chief Executive Officer of Rabito Clinic Limited, Karen Hendrickson said; “Rabito Clinic is committed to providing quality care that meets or exceeds international standards”.

“Our partnership with SafeCare is just one plank of our multi-plank vision to democratize quality healthcare while embedding the highest health and safety standards within all our branches through constant and effective training of our staff” she added.