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Africa Health Holdings (AHH) is a leading tech-forward healthcare system in Africa with 65+ healthcare facilities operating in Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. As we build a connected, patient-centered healthcare system across Africa, we remain committed to the financial, managerial, and technological support of our facilities.

Vision Statement

Building Africa’s future: healthy lives for all.

Mission Statement

To invest in and transform healthcare assets through innovation and technology. We improve healthcare outcomes and generate attractive financial returns.

Our Values

M - Mboka means “one family” in the Wolof language (spoken in Senegal, the Gambia, and Mauritania). This word embodies our focus on working together as one efficient and effective unit. Our oneness includes each person’s unique abilities combining to create one body, which is far stronger than our individual strengths alone.

AAfrican Excellence speaks to elevating the standards and quality of everything we do. We aim to create a work culture that is optimized to showcase how the African medical and business ecosystems can merge together to produce excellent facilities, goods and services, and patient outcomes.

T – Transparency in our operations is key to delivering the best end product to our patients. We are transparent to our stakeholders in how we work toward mutual goals, transparent in service provision when caring for our patients, and transparent to each other to ensure clarity and reduce complexity in our activities.

I – Integrity is reflected in our honesty and commitment to holding ourselves to high moral standards. We strive to ensure the humanity and patient-centeredness of the activities in which we engage. We are a company filled with people who seek to do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

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